What is a Comprehensive Plan?

    A Comprehensive Plan is a long-term vision for the community that serves as an official policy statement to guide the community’s future. By its nature, it is focused on physical development and is an all-inclusive, long-term approach to addressing future changes in a community. The Niles 2040 Plan will build on the traditions of Niles while boldly looking ahead to a vibrant future. This plan will be the official roadmap for Village decisions over the next 20 years on issues including land use, economic development, natural resources, transportation, housing, and sustainability.

    To learn more about the Village's current plan, the Niles 2030 Comprehensive Plan, click here!

    How long is the entire process?

    The Niles 2040 Comprehensive Plan planning process started in Summer 2020. The first phase is wrapping up in Spring 2021 and the next phase will start once the Village believes engagement can safely continue.

    How can I get involved?

    Please register and participate in all the 2040 Niles engagement tools! Project updates, plan documents, and future events will be communicated using this site. Stay tuned for project updates!

    Who can I contact about the project?

    Send any thoughts or ideas for the Niles 2040 Comprehensive Plan to the team via email: info@thelakotagroup.com.